didn’t really feel like drawing most of the week, until today with all these paintchats

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More attempted drawings of faces (and some skulls, only coincidentally related to the fact that is is now the spooky month of October) and some figure drawing.

Krita stopped working on my computer for whatever reason so I decided to try AzPainter. It’s missing a lot of stuff I would normally use (either that or I can’t find how to do them) so I guess I’ll just go back to using MyPaint.

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every few months or so, I realize I still have no idea how to draw faces, and draw them a bunch and still don’t understand

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still trying to figure out arms. they make way more sense now than they did the last time I tried.

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Decided to actually use reference today. For the first two pages, at least. I should probably do that more often.

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