art block for most of the week, decided to go back to digital after such a long time of just sketchbooking.

drew a bunch of anime faces after realizing I haven’t done that in a long time. kinda forgot things but somehow I think digital painting is going better than before, even though I haven’t been practicing?

I also decided to redraw this default tumblr icon because sure why not

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this week in sketchbook drawings: what the heck are arms. I still don’t know.

also some leg muscle studies at the beginning of the week.

I actually didn’t draw two days this week — wednesday I was really tired, and friday I felt like programming something

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tried a bunch of different things this week. found this thread by Mentler on conceptart that had a ton of useful pictures so I spent some time studying those. went back to using boxy shapes, then some weird triangle shaped things, and today tried to figure out a simplified ribcage shape to use. I think I got it, and I really like how the last picture’s drawings turned out.

my usual pens also ran out of ink so I switched to a different pen (that I got from a Gilt scala event thing this week). I don’t think I like the pen that much; it’s kinda thin and the ink always ends up on my hands somehow

also taking pictures is terrible and I can never do it right.

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wasn’t feeling incredibly drawy this week (spent a lot of time watching SGDQ); well I guess the quantity is more than usual but I didn’t really like any page in particular.

at the beginning of the week I was sorta trying to use more round forms since I usually use boxy shapes, but looks kinda weird. Still need to work on getting consistent proportions.

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non-sketchbook drawings for this week. no idea what I am doing

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Barely used this sketchbook since the end of April but filled out a few pages this week. I’ve been browsing 's stuff recently, so I guess that led to these later figures being taller/thinner than usual.

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kinda just draws the same thing again whoops

kinda just draws the same thing again whoops

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And back to figure/gesture drawings this week! A lot more sitting poses than usual, especially toward the end of the week.

I’ll probably post these weekly instead of daily from now on (even though I am actually still drawing daily). Somehow, doing that makes me less concerned about having a lot of empty space on the canvas at the end of the day.

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this past week I tried figuring out digital painting again. I still don’t get it. there’s a lot of legs though

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I liked today’s drawings more than usual. That seems like a good way to end the month.

I liked today’s drawings more than usual. That seems like a good way to end the month.

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