for the longest time I couldn’t tell that the new pen I was using had blue ink. the lighting in my room often makes it look black (like, compare the first two pictures to the third one).

anyway, an attempt at drawing some faces again. and more sitting poses than usual.

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yesterday I noticed I’ve been drawing a lot of stiff poses recently.. I guess that happens when I spend time trying to learn more accurate anatomy (which I will probably forget most of in a few weeks when trying to fix the problem of stiff poses).

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art block for most of the week, decided to go back to digital after such a long time of just sketchbooking.

drew a bunch of anime faces after realizing I haven’t done that in a long time. kinda forgot things but somehow I think digital painting is going better than before, even though I haven’t been practicing?

I also decided to redraw this default tumblr icon because sure why not

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this week in sketchbook drawings: what the heck are arms. I still don’t know.

also some leg muscle studies at the beginning of the week.

I actually didn’t draw two days this week — wednesday I was really tired, and friday I felt like programming something

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tried a bunch of different things this week. found this thread by Mentler on conceptart that had a ton of useful pictures so I spent some time studying those. went back to using boxy shapes, then some weird triangle shaped things, and today tried to figure out a simplified ribcage shape to use. I think I got it, and I really like how the last picture’s drawings turned out.

my usual pens also ran out of ink so I switched to a different pen (that I got from a Gilt scala event thing this week). I don’t think I like the pen that much; it’s kinda thin and the ink always ends up on my hands somehow

also taking pictures is terrible and I can never do it right.

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wasn’t feeling incredibly drawy this week (spent a lot of time watching SGDQ); well I guess the quantity is more than usual but I didn’t really like any page in particular.

at the beginning of the week I was sorta trying to use more round forms since I usually use boxy shapes, but looks kinda weird. Still need to work on getting consistent proportions.

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non-sketchbook drawings for this week. no idea what I am doing

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